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About Silista

Silista joined the Musobya family in  June 2019.  Her mother was a member of Pastor Charles' church and she approached Pastor Charles and expressed to him how difficult it had become to manage her family after her husband had died.  She had to express this through signing as she is mute.  Silista has 2 younger brothers (twins) who now live with their aunt along with her mother.  She hasn't seen them since joining the Musobya family.

Pastor Charles describes Solista as playful, happy and easy-going.  She enjoys skipping and her favorite color is yellow.  Her best subject in school is reading.  Her God-given talent appears to be dancing.

Solista wants to be a nurse when she grows up, and told this to Pastor Charles this way:  "Dad, I want to become a "Musawo" in our local language means nurse, to treat sick people... reason... that nurses are few in health facilities."  She fell sick one day and he took her to the facility and it took them hours to see the nurse.  Apparently, that made quite an impression on her.

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