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About Claire

Claire is Pastor Charles’ first born. She was born on October 12th, 2004. While her mother, Betty, was battling breast cancer, Claire eagerly stepped in to help with taking care of the 7 children living in her household. In early August 2021, Betty lost her battle with cancer, and so now, Claire has taken on the role of mother – raising her siblings.

Claire’s personality is that of someone always willing and eager to help others. One of her most obvious God-given talents is athleticism. She is quite good at sports and games. Her favorite color is purple, and her best subject in school is chemistry.

Her father describes Claire as humble, focused, and hard-working. Claire enjoys working in the kitchen, playing with the kids and helping them with whatever they need help with. Her dream is to become a police officer to enforce justice and rid the world of injustice.

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