Economic Empowerment Ministry For Africa

Our Mission

The Mission of the Amiina Africa! Board of Directors

The mission of the Amiina Africa! Board of Directors is to economically empower selected pastors and Christian leaders for leadership roles in African countries to fulfill the God-given purpose of their ministry. Furthermore, because there are so many orphans in Africa, this board will do everything possible to assist our pastors in supporting orphans and orphanages throughout Africa. Our Ambassadors will bring potential candidates to the board of directors. The board will determine if they meet eligibility requirements for our assistance.

Our assistance will include our time, guidance, and resources that will enable the pastor to become self-sufficient, as well as a leader in their community. When an Amiina Africa! pastor becomes self-sufficient, that pastor will then take on a leadership role in their community and become an active board member on the Amiina Africa! Board of Directors.

The vision of the Amiina Africa! Board of Directors is to empower pastors and leaders in Africa to reach the lost, the forgotten, and the orphans in their communities by sharing with them the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ, and to economically empower them to do so through philanthropy, humanitarian projects, as well as God-inspired ideas.