Economic Empowerment Ministry For Africa
Amiina Africa


The word "amiina" translates to "amen" in the Ugandan language. Amen, of course, means "it is done". It is the prayer of Amiina Africa to economically empower the residents of every country in Africa through God inspired ideas, philanthropy, and education. Amiina Africa was so-named through prayerful consideration and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Amiina Africa's board of directors is a group of caring, philanthropic Christians with a heart for the people of Africa. We are guided by the Holy Spirit in every decision and project we undertake. It is our desire to come alongside the people of Africa through pastors and Christian leaders to provide them with the equipment needed (i.e smart phones or computers), community deep bored wells for fresh water, education, and participation in programs that can dramatically change their economic outlook, and ultimately help them create a better, thriving quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

As Amiina Africa completes the above objectives with one pastor or Christian Leader, we will continue the effort with a new pastor or Christian Leader and repeat the process again.  The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for every family in Africa.  A very large goal, but with God, All Things Are Possible!


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