Economic Empowerment Ministry For Africa
Amiina Africa


The word "amiina" translates to "amen" in the Ugandan language. Amen, of course, means "it is done". It is the prayer of Amiina Africa to economically empower the residents of every country in Africa through cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology. Amiina Africa was so-named through prayerful consideration and guidance through the Holy Spirit.

Amiina Africa's board of directors; a group of caring, philanthropic Christians with a heart for the people of Africa is guided by the Holy Spirit in every decision we undertake. It is our desire to come along side the people of Africa and provide them with the equipment needed (i.e smart phones or computers), education, and participation in programs that can dramatically change their economic outlook.

We are strong believers in the economic empowerment of people through cryptocurrency. As such, our educational courses and programs are focused on cryptocurrency.

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